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Another unanswered riddle

     To the gentle who was curious about the other unanswered riddle, 
     here's a repost of the original text:
     Certain as a symbol of pride and worth,
     To think of as other than his own brings end to mirth. `Tis oft 
     suspected that it has no end
     as its circuitous route its way doth wend. Look you there now; another 
     doth appear
     In stunning majesty its value comes quite clear. But woe betide any 
     who hold it falsely
     As shame shall follow `til he is wracked by palsy. Some plain, some 
     decked with metal or gems
     this one's own'r doth wear his plain as plain can be; for he is not a 
     fellow who craves fanciful colors or silk, but lesser things
     do suit his fancy, and while it is quite true That _or_ doth 
     frequently adorn, a man would rue The day that he did call its wearer 
     by that name Which frequently `tis known for coward's stripes. Night's 
     good color does also adorn the head
     of him who holds this token most worthy. How'er, you may have heard 
     tell of his japes Of which most notable and famous doth involve
     A certain recent happening in the frozen wastes Of the middle regions 
     of our fair Atlantia
     In which did legions of warriors strive
     Amidst the white-draped hills and valleys steep For prize both sides 
     contested, and the victor Did give his body's every drop of life
     To prove in deed that the midden ground was theirs. So please, pray 
     tell, of what and who I speak,
     And do it, please, at least, within a week.
     I will say this much:  There have been no correct answers, only a few 
     close ones.
     Jonathan Blackbow

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