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Re: info: Seeking local source for wide canvas

Andrixos -

You sent the following to *me*, not the Atlantia list. I doubt you'll mind
my forwarding it all on.

It took 25 yards, I think, to make my 10'x10'x11' viking tent with doors. 
For a larger viking tent, I recommend a 14' or so length, which allows one
to do it in three sections of canvas (the additional foot being used in seam
allowance).  For spiffier effect, one can dye the alternating panels and
have a striped tent.

        - Anarra

>Anarra shills very effectively for me:
>>>Might some Gentle point me toward a source for wide canvas (to make a
>>>tent) in the Ponte Alto area?
>>>Many thanks!
>>>       Miriam R.
>>Andrixos the Calontir trim merchant (andrixos@aol.com) sells 5' wide
>>canvas for a VERY reasonable price.  It's slightly more expensive per yard
>>if you don't buy the entire bolt.  Maybe you can get some with a friend or
>I carry said canvas, though temporarily out of stock.  I will have some at
>Highland River melees on June 22.  Price is $3.00/yd, 
>or $2.50 if you buy a full 50 yd bolt.  ($125).  You should be able to get
>decent sized viking tent out of 25 yards.  (Anarra, do you remember how
>you used?).  
>I would love to get a head count of who would be interested in some, as my
>driving it in from Kansas City is the way I can offer it so cheap.
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