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MR-Disc: List Designation

Greetings, Fair Gentles,

I am in favor of requesting that gentiles limit their number of daily 
posts.  But I would also Tender this suggestion... If the subject line of 
every post were to begin with MR (Merry Rose) then the category then the 
subject, this would allow for more rapid seperation of personal and 
business mail from LIST mail.  Please note this subject line.
	< MR-Disc: list Designation >
	< MR-Announce: Scadian born this day >
	< MR-Banter: Fine Scottish weather >
	< MR-Event: University >
I tried to avoid redundancy but this suggestion had thus far been 
overlooked.  With this though, the responsiblity falls apon the 
individuals writing the posts and I fear that many would not be willing 
to accept it.    

Beating a dead horse to make it run!

In service to the Kingdom of Atlantia from my wandering in Maridies,

		Laird Philip deRose of Strathclyde 
			(AKA: Philip the Bashful - Eric P Holmes)

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