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Merry Rose... responses to several gentles

Greetings, all!

I, (Jennifer) have come by once again (mundanely on my daily e-mail check)
for a little company.  Several gentles responded to my quick visit of Wednesday,so I thought me to answer all in one letter.

But first, best of good wishes and luck to the pregnant Miriam, who according
to her last missive will not be with child much longer!  :)  :)  :)  I
wish her a safe delivery.

Now, to Alfredo, who had questions about UNCA, where I am currently an inmate
of letters.  You named it correctly:  The University of North Carolina at
Asheville.  Unfortunately, the "tarheel blue" is only for UNC-CH.  Our colours
are dark blue and dark grey.

To Jonathan Blackbow:  I think the sorority maiden was over-friendly due to
a case of "suck-up"; probably hoping I would brew her some free beer.  However,
it may have been a common interest and I might have made a friend.  I do not
know... it will be interesting to find out...
(by the bye, is it "period" to use ellipses?)

Finally, to Annejke, I have not yet decided on a name, although Elspeth is
still a possibility.  Realizing how annoying it probably is for the gentles
on this list to bear through my constant mind-changing, I will go by my
birth name of Jennifer until I have found *it*, the name for me.

And finally, a pleasing sideline.  Two nights ago I spoke with a friend from
my home village of Greensboro.  Enthused about everything I have been learning
in my private SCA research (which mostly involved checking out gobs of books
and reading them instead of class assignments), I raved at some length.  He
became quite interested and wanted to find out about a possible chapter in
Greensboro.  :)  :)  :)   Being very creative, he'd come up with a possible
persona before the phone conversation ended:  an Irish merchant.  He already
crafts lovely walking sticks and pieces of jewelry, and *owns* some garb! 
If any of the good gentles knows of a contact person in Greensboro, I would
greatly appreciate their posting it to this list so that I can pass the 
information on to him.

Forsooth (I've read "How To Speak Forsoothly", but I do not think much sank
in due to a late hour... re-read with pleasure!), my hands have typed much
and now want to wrap themselves around a mug of hot coffee.  Farewell!

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