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MR-Banter: Lingua in Gena

> >      Good Genitalia (surely that MUST be the plural of Gentles...;>)
> Milord, with all due respect, I hope you refrain from using this form of
> greeting again in the future.

I believe that "gentle" comes from the Latin "gentilis", which meant
"kinsman", while "genitalia" is the plural of "genitalis", which meant
"fruitful" or "generative".  Therefore, I agree that the above-cited
greeting is not appropriate for addressing all members of Society,
but I think it might possibly be correct for addressing all the
denizens of the Shire of Stierbach.

-- Alfredo
Equivocate [sp?], from the Latin words _equus_ (horse) and
_vocare_ (to say) [etym?], means To Just Say Neigh [def?].
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