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Re: Discuss: If Atlantia were a deck of Cards, what would it look like?

M'lady writes:

> The fourth suit could be stags... sea stags!
> 	-- It's definately Atlanitan
> 	-- It takes in the warrior aspect that Escallops, Acorns,
> 	   nor Tridents present.
Maybe, but could you weave ten of them into a recognizable image on a card?
The linear suits are generally shown interwoven, while the round suits, 
in our case acorns and escallops, are evenly spread around the card, like 
all french suits (hearts, clubs, spades and diamonds) are on modern day 

Of course, His Excellency is far more educated on this topic then I.

Besides, how are you going to represent sea-stags on a face card?

As for everyone who has offered to buy a deck, I think some additional 
thinking, studying, and learning the techniques might be in order before 
we start selling these.

I see this as a "Big" project, and worthy, therefore, to a degree of 
research before design begins.

Please continue to send your opinions and advice.

In Service
Leifr Johansson
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