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Storvik Dance Practise

To all Good Gentles in Storvik and the Surrounding Area:

Let it be known that, beginning on Wednesday, June 12, 1996, dance practise for all 
gentles who wish to attend will be held at Baroness Brenna's home, commencing at 
7:00PM.  Dance Mistresses will be Genevieve and Anjuli McDonald of Clanranald, Bardic 
Champion of Storvik.  Refreshments will be served.

Weekly dance practises will be held from June 12 until Pennsic at this same location.  
Everyone is encouraged to attend, as at least a passing acquaintance with the courtly 
art of the dance is a goodly thing to have - and opportunities for flirtation are 
manifold!  Heavy Weapons fighters are particularly entreated to make their presence 
felt, as those aspiring to knighthood should be versed in the courtly arts as well as 
the violent ones.

It is hoped that a large turnout will be forthcoming.  Those intimidated by the fear 
of making fools of themselves should take heart - if you can walk, you can dance, and 
all are very welcome to make one of our number.

In service to Their Majesties,

Anjuli McDonald of Clanranald

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