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Alairian Coronation

Unto the Gentle folk of Atlantia, from Crown Prince Deryk von Guyer, Heir
Apparent to the Crown of Alaira, greetings!

Their Highnesses Deryk and Gwynnyth, Crown Prince and Princess of Alaira,
wish to invite any of the noble folk of Atlantia for whom Alairia is a
convenient journey* to join them at their Coronation on July 20, 1996.

Their Majesties will be hosting this event at Cheswick Castle, and
gentles attending will need to bring only their banners if they wish
them displayed.  All table settings and feasting gear will be supplied
by the Royal Household.

Cost is $20 per person for non-Alairians, $15 for members.  There will be
a feast of six removes, much dancing and entertainment, and a contest for
best garb in one's heraldic, house, or kingdom colors.  Time period is
late 14th early 15th century French/German.

Any wishing to attend, please RSVP to alairia@juno.com or by farspeaker
to (804) 531-1927 (Tim Luken) by July 10th.  Directions will be supplied
at that time.  Please include your titles with your reservation so we can
inform the Royal Herald and plan seating.  If you are bringing servants,
please let us know to inform the hall steward.

All are welcome, and we expect to have a very fine event!

For the Crown of Alairia,

HRH Sir Lyon Guillume Michel FilsHenri Aulerius
Kingdom of Alairia

*(site is in Virginia Beach, VA)
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