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MR-INFO: Reminder PENNSIC XXV Deadlines

Your pardon my lords and ladies,

I have noted recent interest being expressed by several new people in
attending Pennsic this year and have been working on my own traveling and
lodging plans for that grand event.

As a result I have recently reviewed the deadlines and thought it worthy
thing to remind those who may not be thinking of such things this early.

1) This is the first year you can pre-register for Pennsic.

        You do not have to pre-regester to attend, but ONLY those
pre-registered can be counted in the calculation for the amount of space
allocated to the various groups in the land allotment.

2) "All registrations must be "RECEIVED", not postmarked, by June 22, 1996."

3) Final Land allocation paperwork must be sent by June 29.

Michael of Hammond

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