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re: info:men's cotehardies

Giovanna asks:
"Can the pattern for women's coteheardies be used for making a man's 

Since you received your pattern from me, I felt compelled to respond....

I have been playing with this idea for some time.  The garments I've based my 
patterns on, found in Norlund and discussed in _Clothing and Textiles_, the 
men's and womens garments are very similar.  The men's coteheardie idea I 
think you're considering is the very form fitting one seen later.  

I haven't tried it on a person yet, but my pencil sketches say the pattern 
might work, but only if

	1--there is much less fullness in the gores, and more importantly,
	2--the appropriate foundation garment, a padded pourpoint, is worn 	
The shape change provided by the foundation garment would be critical to 
getting the desired result from the outer coteheardie.                       

An example of pourpoint I am speaking of (As this garment changed 
significantly over time) is the type worn by Charles du Blois (pardon the 
spelling).  Pictures of this garment can be seen in a number of sources, 
including _20,000 Years of Costume_ and Blanche Payne's _History of Costume_, 
2nd edition.  Payne's book has a pattern for the garment set out on graph 
paper, too. 

This is a garment on my "really want to work on, but only when I have someone 
patient enough to do it with" list.  Time to play with it has also been a 

  If you'd like to collaborate, let me know and we can get together..
Yours in Sewing,
Aislynn Fyrlocc.

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