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Re: Banter: It's A Badgerling

In a message dated 96-06-10 17:02:30 EDT, lharrop@mrj.com (Lance Harrop)

>M'lady Louise replies:
>> Leifr I had a teenage daughter....if theya re involved they start
>> guys around the age of 12   :D  sounds period to me  :D
>to my comment:
>> But then, we use the girls to recruit guys into the SCA, eighteen years 
>> hence.
>I think it might be inappropriate to BRAG about the shear nubility 
>(nubile-ity) of our pre-teen and teenage daughters. 

Let us not forget, though, that for the most part said young ladies are
well-raised; sensible; and armed. I personally wouldn't worry about bringing
my niece to an event. My first Pennsic, I was riding herd on a 15-year-old.
Her two major encounters of the male type were, imprimis, wrapping a young
Tuchuk around her pinky and secundus, summoning me to deal with a 19-20 year
old dork who didn't grok the concept of "underage".  I count the second one
lucky that she had the sense to use me instead of a knife :-).

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