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RE: Banter: It's A Badgerling

I don't know why you people take this off the list and continue this conversation
privately.  If you are offended by this gentleman's statements delete the post and
do not read anything else from him.  It's like TV or a book or radio, you always
have the option to not be exposed to whatever you do not wish to be exposed to.
Granted, I do not have a daughter, and therefore not really concerned with
protecting her, but I did come into the SCA at the young nubile age of 15 and I 
can asure you that all of the SCAdian males that I came in contact were complete
gentlmen in action if not always in word.  I would think that SCA would be the 
perfect place for your daughters to learn male-female interaction.  Most SCA
males will respect "No means No", how many drunken high school jocks will?

On Mon, 10 Jun 1996 19:11:23 -0400, Louise Sugar wrote:

>Sir, I am offended....... You have replied to my offhand comment privately in which you took me to task for encouraging trolling the waters with our young daughters (or sons for that matter)   (YOUR  comment:"While it is true that young ladies do seem to catch the eyes of young gentlemen far sooner then we might wish (something I dread, since my 
>daughter is currently only eight), I hardly think it appropriate to encourage trolling the waters with them, until they are at least no longer "jail" bait." )
>As well you have posted here to the list accusing me of bragging about the nubile young daughters of the Barony. I never suggested that we should troll the waters with them or allow them to do anything even slightly unsavory.  I only was mentioning the fact of life that at  around the age of 12 they begin to attract the interest of boys and girls their age who are outside the SCA. This interest might encourage those young men and women to investigate the SCA and perhaps be willing to participate in something that holds the interest of the young lady or gentleman whom they wish to get to know.  I also mentioned that this as well was period.....if I remember correctly from my reading, marriages or liasons between persons of that age were frowned upon in period as well as they are today although flirting then as now were perfectly allowed.
>If I am to be accused of impropriety in making the observation that the attraction starts long before the age of 18 (tho as the father of a young girl I am sure that this is an unwelcome thought)...you are guilty of worse impropriety in making assumptions not supported and in discourtesy.   If I were a man I would demand retraction on the field but as a lady I can only hope to shame you into a retraction of your offensive remarks and a complete apology.
>----------M'lady Louise replies:
>> Leifr I had a teenage daughter....if theya re involved they start attracting
>> guys around the age of 12   :D  sounds period to me  :D
>to my comment:
>> But then, we use the girls to recruit guys into the SCA, eighteen years 
>> hence.
>I think it might be inappropriate to BRAG about the shear nubility 
>(nubile-ity) of our pre-teen and teenage daughters.  There is a gesture 
>my knight makes sometimes, where he bites the knuckle of his index 
>finger.  A number of the "first born" of Stierbach Water cause this 
>response, ESPECIALLY Count Reynard's daughter, and they are all about 
>thirteen or fourteen years old.  Lady Aerin of the Red Oaks causes much 
>the same reaction, and I believe Lord Rorick (I hope I'm getting that 
>right) has such concerns as well.
>The simple fact is, young ladies raised in the Society (and some young 
>men) just seem to catch the eye of the opposite sex far better then the 
>daughters of mundanity.
>Maybe it is just because they learn grace and charm (not to mention, dance).
>Appreciatently, but with my knuckle in my teeth.
>Lord Leifr the safely married and with a daughter of but eight.
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