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Re: Banter: It's A Badgerling

Andreah Harrison wrote:
> I don't know why you people take this off the list and continue this conversation
> privately.  If you are offended by this gentleman's statements delete the post and
> do not read anything else from him.  It's like TV or a book or radio, you always
> have the option to not be exposed to whatever you do not wish to be exposed to.
> Granted, I do not have a daughter, and therefore not really concerned with
> protecting her, but I did come into the SCA at the young nubile age of 15 and I
> can asure you that all of the SCAdian males that I came in contact were complete
> gentlmen in action if not always in word.  I would think that SCA would be the
> perfect place for your daughters to learn male-female interaction.  Most SCA
> males will respect "No means No", how many drunken high school jocks will?
> Giovanna

My Lady Giovanna We applaud your sensibilty and your suggestions 
regarding the aforementioned conversations.

TRH LOGAN & Arielle
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