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Re: Banter: Coronation of TRH Logan & Arielle

Greg Lindahl wrote:
> > i agree!  but isn't there some kind of rule/law/ancient & venerated custom
> > that crown list has to be open to all comers, so it doesn't turn into "all
> > the king's best friends and their consorts crown tourney?"

> I don't know if Atlantia does have a custom, but the Middle crown has
> been by invitation only, and they're hard to get, while in the West
> they expect every authorized fighter to be fighting at crown. I've
> heard of Atlantian crowns having minimum residency and minimum
> activity requirements, and I know of at least one person whose bid was
> turned down.

In Atlantia I am only aware of a residency of one year.  I would also 
like to make sure that My commentary was, and should only be taken as, a 
joke.  I encourage ALL fighters who are interested in participating in 
Our Crown Tournament, who fit the criteria of residency as well as 
membership, to do so.  Again, We will be accepting letters of intent up 
to the day of Our Coronation (October 5th).  I have received mail 
directly, although VERY limited, from someone "frowning" upon my little 
humorous statement and frankly, don't do it.  I am not interested in 
hearing that sort of negativity from people who don't understand the 
simple concept of humor.  Until then, have fun, enjoy and be well,

serving Atlantia, with a smile

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