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Re: Banter: Coronation of TRH Logan & Arielle

Unto HRH Logan, from a foreign friend, greetings!

>humorous statement and frankly, don't do it.  I am not interested in 
>hearing that sort of negativity from people who don't understand the 
>simple concept of humor.  Until then, have fun, enjoy and be well,

Your humor scored at least one perfect "gotcha!" on me.  I didn't read
the disclaimer the first time I read the message, and I actually went
downstairs and asked my wife if she wanted ot be Queen of Atlantia! I
figured after nearly ten years of steel fighting, I could qualify rattan
and kick butt on any other six-monther!  I thought it was weird, but I
figured you were making some sort of political statement!

It was a good joke, and I liked it even more because the laugh was on me.


Lyon FilsHenri, KPR, Kingdom of Alairia
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