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Banter & info: Eligibility for Crown Lists

Greetings all;

I have seen much speculation and decided to 'look it up'. I don't presume to
know what is _traditional_ and _customary_, but at the end of this message
is what I found according to the original April edition of the Red Tape. 

Now, my question is - is there a tradition in Atlantia that goes beyond the
offical _requirements_?  Have the various Crowns waived the requirements on
a regular basis, or at all?  Are there any other unofficial expectations not
spelled out between Red Tape and Corpora?

Frau Johanna von Sudeborn

(Please excuse this version, I wasn't up to typing the whole thing.  Consult
a copy of the Red Tape for the exact wording.)
Red Tape (Johanna's Digest Version)6.4.1
1-Each entrant must have a prospective consort.
2-Each competitor and prospective consort must be a member of the SCA on the
first day of the month of the tourney.
3-Both must be able to fulfill the duties of the Crown.
4-The victor and consort shall assume the titles and positions of successors
to the Crown.
5-Both must be acceptable to the crown.
  5.1- "The Crown may only deny participation in Crown Tourney for just and
stated cause. If either participant is found unacceptable, the participant
may require that the Crown publicly state, before the tourney commences, the
reason that the participant was found unacceptable. Failure of the Crown to
comply with this type of request will result in the declaration of the Crown
List as null and void, and will necessitate a new Crown List be held as soon
as possible."
6-If either the competitor or prospective consort withdraws, both are
withdrawn.  Either may withdraw from the list at any point in the tournment.
7-All participants must be subjects of Atlantia, and residents for the
previous year.
8-If you enter, compete honorably.
9-The crown may waive requirements except for those required by Corpora.

Per Corpora - March 1995

(1)- Each competitor in a Royal Lists must be fighting for a prospective
consort of the opposite gender.
(2)-Each competitor in a Royal Lists and each prospective consort must
maintain their qualification throughout their tenure as royal heirs and as
(3) No one may take part in a Royal Lists, either as a competitor or as a
prospective consort, who has any reason to believe that either member of
that competing couple will be unable to fulfill the duties of royalty.

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