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Re: Re: Discuss: Heraldry question

  Thank you for your clarification.  It was not my intent to insult or be 
  rude, If I have forthwith I apologize.  I understand your feelings on this, 
  however I serve the crown.  So let it be written so let it be done kind of 
  thing.  In only one little thing do I disagree the Crowns are the authority. 
   If our Queen says its so then it is.  This is saving only the Laws of the 
  US, local laws and Corpora.  Welcome to the Monarchy baby, its our game we 
  chose it.

This is something that heralds have to learn to live with.

A fellow in the East just got a Grant of Arms and a Court Baroncy, and asked
me what it means... he travels between Kingdoms a lot, because he is in the

I tried to teach him everything about it, that I knew.  One of the most
important things I could transmit, is that neither award is at all period.

As heralds, we have an interest in what was done in period, and we spend a lot
of time researching it. A full answer to most questions really requires
telling someone about the Societal Cultural answer, and about the Real History
answer.  The better a herald, the more likely it is you will get both.

If people choose to overemphasize hearing about the Real History answer, and
get too wrapped up in it, that's a shame.  It's a common problem.

Each of us has to tread the narrow path between Society and History, as best
we can.  A good herald cannot help but provide the information for both, and
frequently has a human bias one way or another, which comes through.

I'd also point out that, generally throughout the Known World, Kings and
Queens know a lot less about history, or even Society Culture, than some of
your more senior heralds...  and mistakes not only get made, they get
enshrined... (:-)

So, let's not get too snippy, or too dismissive of each other...

	Tibor ("Award you a Grant of arms, by letters Patent" is period.)

award \*-'wo.(*)rd\ \-'wo.rd-*-b*l\ vt [ME awarden to decide, fr. ONF
   eswarder, fr. es- (fr. L ex]-) + warder to guard, of Gmc origin; akin to
   OHG warte-n to watch - more at WARD 1: to give by judicial decree 2: to
   confer or bestow as an award : GIVE - award.able aj

grant n 1: the act of granting 2: something granted; esp : a gift for a
   particular purpose 3a: a transfer of property by deed or writing 3b: the
   instrument by which such a transfer is made; also : the property so
   transferred 4: a minor territorial division of Maine, New Hampshire, or
   Vermont orig. granted by the state to an individual or institution

pat.ent \'pat-*nt, Brit also 'pa-t-\ n 1: an official document
   conferring a right or privilege : LETTERS PATENT 2a: a writing securing to
   an inventor for a term of years the exclusive right to make, use, or sell
   his invention 2b: the monopoly or right so granted 2c: a patented invention
   3: PRIVILEGE, LICENSE 4: an instrument making a conveyance or grant of
   public lands; also : the land so conveyed
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