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Re: Re: Discuss: Heraldry question (LONG)

> Dear Lady
> I absolutely agree with you.  I really bothers me that somebody just asking 
> for info should get smacked.  I wrote a little snippy on purpose, but not to 
> much so as to not engender hatred.
> I am an Elizabethan re-enactor, I endevour to be the most knowledgeable 
> James Hamilton I may be.  However, that is a different game than the one we 
> play in the SCA.  All things in balance dear lady..
> Giacomo
> the way I normally sign off.
   Umm, not the last time I _looked_... :-) :-)

--Lord Landi  :-)
   (PS -- No offense taken, I assure you!  :-)
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