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Re: MR: Banter: Water

> > "Isn't there a special keg labelled, "After the Conflagration" downstairs,
> > Miriam?  I seem to remember a fable to that ilk, right enow....and Right
> > e-Now would be a good time to sample it."<wistfully>
> I think that you may be referring to a song that I often heard at bardic
> circles in the East.  (In that Kingdom, such blatently modern songs are
> allowed if sung with a brogue (the "U2 can be Period" rule)).
> (Harry Wincott 1893)
> <lyrics snipped...>

Nay, nay good Alfredo!  I do know of the keg whereof she speaks
(one of not-quite-yet-master Tagdh's better efforts, if I recall... :-) 
and will fetch it up as soon as I get my breath back from shouting 
"MacIntyre"!   :-)

--Landi  :-)
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