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RE: Re: Discuss: Heraldry question

Thank you for your clarification.  It was not my intent to insult or be 
rude, If I have forthwith I apologize.  I understand your feelings on this, 
however I serve the crown.  So let it be written so let it be done kind of 
thing.  In only one little thing do I disagree the Crowns are the authority. 
 If our Queen says its so then it is.  This is saving only the Laws of the 
US, local laws and Corpora.  Welcome to the Monarchy baby, its our game we 
chose it.


Reply of eMail from: Michael and MJ Houghton, dated: 1996/06/12 09:33
Greetings from Dominus Herveus d'Ormonde, Triton Principal Herald, to all 
who receive these letters!

Good gentles,

On the style "The Honorable..." I would speak officially, yet again.

Corpora defines the officially recognized styles for the various degrees
one can attain (simple armiger, royalty, peers, etc). It does not provide
any special term for those who hold arms by Grant vice arms by Award.

In some kingdoms, as Falcone noted, it has become the custom to refer to
holders of arms by Grant as "the Honorable...". Atlantia is not one of those
kingdoms, although some crowns have seen fit to take up that usage.

One reason to not adopt this styling is that, to the best of my knowledge,
it is not period. While I do not presume to try to dictate to kingdoms which
have adopted this practice that they should stop, I feel it within my 
prerogatives to attempt to discourage its use in Atlantia.

Having said that, I do wish to note that I have no intention of calling out
individuals on the subject. I am also a bit disturbed by Lord Giacomo's
statements. I did converse with him on the topic at a University where I had
noticed him listed as "The Honorable...". I did explain the rationale for
my position; he explained that the crown who had honored him with a Grant
had speficially instructed him that he was now "The Honorable Lord Giacomo".
I do not recall stipulating that he must not use the style; if my words were
so interpreted, I hope this clarifies them.

I would remind all that the Crown is not the ultimate authority on 
There are matters over which they have no authority. Corpora, for example.
As a Great Officer of State (GOofS), I have a duty to obey Corpora as well
as my Crown. When there is a conflict, I have to deal with it. I also serve
my corporate superior, the Laurel Sovereign of Arms. I attempt to balance
these obligations and to temper my actions with kindness and courtesy. I 
would rather each individual be aware of the rules and make their own
decisions on how to implement them, much as each driver decides for 
how fast to drive on the highways, taking their own risks. In like manner, I
expect people to behave honorably and honestly. I won't pick a fight with
someone just because they choose to style themselves "The Honorable...". 
However, if someone wants to make an issue of it, I will not ignore them.

I am disturbed by the argument that, since we already do so many non-period
things, one more won't hurt. This is wrong. Many of the ahistoric practices
are, for better and worse, traditions in the Society. Changing them would
likely cause great dislocation. However, we should strive to make our
additions to the corpus of activities and practices more historically valid
rather than less. To knowingly do otherwise without carefully considering
the ramifications is irresponsible.

I hope I have shone some light on the subject, and perhaps dissipated some

yours in service,
Herveus Triton
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