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Gentle banter at the Merry Rose

Ahhhh, it's good to be here.  To sit down and enjoy the company... and this
excellent brew from the hands of Tadhg <mmmm>  I think we really will have
to sample some from the middle and bottom, though... ;)

I am in good spirits today!  I believe I have finally chosen my name; no
more flitting like a butterfly from one to another.  

I introduce myself to you, then, as Rosamonde.  I'm still working on the
persona, but there are ideas brewing in my head...

Oh, oh, I said "brewing" which included the word "brew".  Miriam, is there
any seconjubin left?  It sounds so delicious!

I do have marzipan, by the bye.  I'll put it out on the table so that any
who want a piece may help themselves.  

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