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Re: MR-Banter: Nubile

Lord Alfredo asks:

> I note but one definition for nubile, according to the on-line Webster:
> nu.bile \'n(y)u:-b*l, -.bi-l\ \n(y)u:-'bil-*t-e-\ aj [F, fr. L nubilis,
> fr. nubere to marry - more at NUPTIAL] : of marriageable condition or
> age {~ girls} - nu.bil.i.ty n
> But a recent thread has mentioned that Atlantian girls are nubile
> at age twelve.  Is there some other definition of nubile that has
> not yet reached the dictionaries, or do Atlantian laws differ that
> much from the laws I knew in the East?
Sorry to be confusing.  I tend to use the word nubile to refer to young 
women who would be marriageable IN PERIOD.  That would generally be about 
twelve to fourteen, depending on where you are Persona-lly.  In fact, 
Baroness Annejka LOVES to tease the boyscouts at demo's with the fact 
that her daughter, who is usually half a head or more taller then them, 
would make them a wonderful wife ... NOW.

Of course, in the Society, the important concern is the LEGAL AGE OF 
CONSENT, and not the girl's nubility.  We exist in a mundane framework, 
which we do not violate, if we are smart.

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