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MR-Banter: Nubile

I note but one definition for nubile, according to the on-line Webster:

nu.bile \'n(y)u:-b*l, -.bi-l\ \n(y)u:-'bil-*t-e-\ aj [F, fr. L nubilis,
fr. nubere to marry - more at NUPTIAL] : of marriageable condition or
age {~ girls} - nu.bil.i.ty n

But a recent thread has mentioned that Atlantian girls are nubile
at age twelve.  Is there some other definition of nubile that has
not yet reached the dictionaries, or do Atlantian laws differ that
much from the laws I knew in the East?

And does anybody actually pronounce that optional (y) sound in
\'n(y)u:-.bi-l\ ?

-- Alfredo

Ed Hopkins
Equivocate [sp?], from the Latin words _equus_ (horse) and
_vocare_ (to say) [etym?], means To Just Say Neigh [def?].
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