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Banter: Young people, etc

> Andreah Harrison wrote:
> > 
> > I don't know why you people take this off the list and continue this conversation
> > privately.  If you are offended by this gentleman's statements delete the post and
> > do not read anything else from him.  It's like TV or a book or radio, you always
> > have the option to not be exposed to whatever you do not wish to be exposed to.

  I think the lady thought that since this is a SCA list that people should be 
expected to act with courtesy.  Is it so unreasonable to expect a public apology
for something which was publicly aired?  While shunning is at times worthwhile, 
should an attempt at correcting the behavior be tried first?

TRH LOGAN & Arielle speak forth:
> My Lady Giovanna We applaud your sensibilty and your suggestions 
> regarding the aforementioned conversations.

  Then again, maybe I am wrong.  I bow to greater wisdom.

Louise responds to the aforesaid:
> Looks like *I* am in the wrong for defending myself even tho the other
> person was the one who originally brought this onto the board....My
> apologies to all.....will not post again 

  Milady, I am sorry that _you_ seem to be the one who feels shunned and hope 
that you will feel free to partake here again.

                          Virgil Aldenson of Lonewood

Alfredo noted:
> I note but one definition for nubile, according to the on-line Webster:

> nu.bile \'n(y)u:-b*l, -.bi-l\ \n(y)u:-'bil-*t-e-\ aj [F, fr. L nubilis,
> fr. nubere to marry - more at NUPTIAL] : of marriageable condition or
> age {~ girls} - nu.bil.i.ty n

> But a recent thread has mentioned that Atlantian girls are nubile
> at age twelve.  Is there some other definition of nubile that has
> not yet reached the dictionaries, or do Atlantian laws differ that
> much from the laws I knew in the East?

  The off-line Webster lists a second definition:  

    2. sexually attractive - used of a young woman

and I believe that it is with that meaning that I usually hear the term used.

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