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Re[2]: Discussion: netiquette

     Greetings All,
        I will wade in to this topic by simply stating the simple rules I 
     try to follow when using e-mail:
           1) in private e-mail, don't say anything you wouldn't 
              say to the person face to face.
           2) in mailing lists, don't say anything you wouldn't 
              walk up to an open mike in a pub and say.
           3) in Usenet Newsgroups, don't say anything you wouldn't
              walk up to a mike in a football stadium and say.
           4) never reply-to, discuss, or even acknowledge SPAM on-list.
        Even these guide lines are wide because some people will say just 
     about anything, even face to face 
        An exception to rule 1 is flirting. I find people are much better 
     at flirting via e-mail than in person. Safer too, especially if you're 
     married like me.
Alaric Luther                                        luther@infodata.com
"Drawing on my fine command of the language I said nothing" - Mark Twain

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