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Re: Discussion: netiquette

> i've been sitting on this letter for a week or so now, watching

  I don't know whether to be complimented or amazed that my post was 
sufficient to bring forth such prose, but I will play the straw to 
your camel's back. :)

> scott law (i'm sorry, i zapped your sca name) wrote:

  Virgil will do, m'lady.

> >   I think the lady thought that since this is a SCA list that people
> > should be expected to act with courtesy.  Is it so unreasonable to
> > expect a public apology for something which was publicly aired?  While
> > shunning is at times worthwhile, should an attempt at correcting the
> > behavior be tried first?

> he didn't offend "the public" - he made a public remark which offended one
> person, who then tried to discipline him in public for her personal
> indignation.  

  I'm only going to respond to small portion of Melys' discussion since most 
of it has been commented on and did not directly pertain to me.  My apologies 
for not including more.

  I would like to point out that I did not say that he offended the public.
Disregarding for the moment whether there was a wrong, since it has been 
said that this was only her interpertation, I stand by my opinion that a 
public offense should be apologized for in public.  I will concede that her
objection probably should have been through private e-mail, but the apology 
should be to the same forum as the offense.

  Secondly, I was actually trying to lessens a previous persons comment to just
shun the offender.  I was afraid the the word 'correct' might not be the one
I wanted but could think of no better and still am not convinced it is the 
wrong one.  

  Thirdly, as to my taking the side of a lady who I have not met with her 
offense which only she perceived...I guess it's upbringing.  If it pleases 
the list, I'll try to reserve such behavior to events.


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