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     > Andreah Harrison wrote:
     > > 
     > > I don't know why you people take this off the list and continue 
     this conversation
     > > privately.  If you are offended by this gentleman's statements 
     delete the post and
     > > do not read anything else from him.  It's like TV or a book or 
     radio, you always
     > > have the option to not be exposed to whatever you do not wish to 
     be exposed to.
     I think the lady thought that since this is a SCA list that people 
     should be 
     expected to act with courtesy.  Is it so unreasonable to expect a 
     public apology for something which was publicly aired?  While shunning 
     is at times worthwhile, should an attempt at correcting the behavior 
     be tried first?
     TRH LOGAN & Arielle speak forth:
     > My Lady Giovanna We applaud your sensibilty and your suggestions > 
     regarding the aforementioned conversations.
     Then again, maybe I am wrong.  I bow to greater wisdom.
     Louise responds to the aforesaid:
     > Looks like *I* am in the wrong for defending myself even tho the 
     other > person was the one who originally brought this onto the 
     > apologies to all.....will not post again 
     Milady, I am sorry that _you_ seem to be the one who feels shunned and 
     that you will feel free to partake here again.
     Virgil Aldenson of Lonewood
     I think that anybody who even tried to take this whole train of 
     thought seriously FORGOT TO READ THE SUBJECT LINE.
     If you can't post something under BANTER without somebody taking it 
     seriously, then WHY do we have a BANTER subject line?  I suspect that 
     the original post was NOT meant to start a thread of such a serious 
     frame of mind (gee, doesn't THIS sound familiar) and should be treated 
     as the lowbrow comedic relief it was (I suspect and hope) intended as.
     J. Blackbow

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