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request: need pictures

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Greetings Good Gentles All

If anyone has not yet heard, My Lord Astil Alyson Sandilands did 
propose marriage to me at this year's Feast of The Thirty.  It was all 
quite romantic when he asked Baron Corwin to call Court in the middle 
of Feast and proceeded to get down on one knee and get VERY poetic. I, 
of course could do naught but accept.  We haven't set a date as yet- 
we'll let you all know when we have.  My problem is this, since this 
was a surprise event, we had no one stationed to "capture the moment".  

But, while there was complete silence during his little speech, as he 
set the ring on my finger I distinctly recall there was thunder in the 
hall, and I believe I saw lighting indoors as well.  PLEASE, if anyone 
got some pictures of this most important moment, get in touch with me.  

I will be more than happy to pay for the cost of reproducing them.  Any 

and all help will be greatly appreciated.  Until then, I remain

Yours in Service (and in need)
Lady Espeth Hinds of Falcon Cree
mka Sher Hines
625 Heathwood Dr
Taylors, S.C.  29687
(864) 244-4406

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