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Re: Discuss: Heraldry question (Long!)(not any more!)

Greetings Evan, sappy looks tired after all that, and you must be 
parched(handing him a mug),

>(Much has been snipped from each posting.)
>Sean MacKay <Michael_Ford@notesgw.hns.com> said:

>>[Landi] stated that he uses the title ["The Honorable Lord..."] 
>>since it annoys the heralds saying it isn't done in Atlantia.  I know that 
>>the title is not given in this Kingdom and believe it is a western thing 
>>(West, Caid and An Tir I believe and maybe a couple of others).

>Actually I think it's an "Atenveldt Heresy" thing. (This refers to the 
>pseudo-religious division of the SCA into Western Rite, Eastern Rite and 
>Atenveldt Heresy; ALWAYS intended humorously when used by myself.) No one 
>I know from the West Coast kingdoms uses it; the only kingdoms I know for 
>certain that use it are Meridies and Trimaris, both Aten descendants.

My Mum-in-law has a GoA in An Tir and she uses the title.  So, at least one of 
the Western Kingdoms use it, I (wrongly it seems) assumed that it was A Western 
tradition and not a heresy thing, or I surely would have guessed Atenveldt;^).  

>>Just because Atlantia does not give this title does that mean that I 
>>as a herald do not use this honorific to introduce him on the tourney field 
>>in court?

With the replies that I have received both public and private, I still cannot 
come to a conclusion that I should use it or not.  Since it seems that a GoA is 
uncommon in Atlantia and not unheard of, there is precident to use it.  
However, only a few Royals have given  a GoA and as you(Evan) said, it takes 
more than one Reign to make a custom.  Which leads me to ask, how many GoA's 
have been given and which Royals have given them?  I think I heard someone say 

(Sean takes his sword and swings mightily at the rest of this post) **snip**

Sean MacKay
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