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Re: Discuss: Heraldry question

Alanna asked:
  The recent discussion about the use of The Honorable Lord/Lady has me
  wondering.  What does a herald do about unfamiliar titles?  As an example,
  let us say I am doing court and a gentle that I do not recognize comes to me
  with court business.  He tells me that he is a Companion of the Purple
  Kumquat and as such should be called into court as The Most Noble Purple
  Kumquat, Lord Thusandsuch.  

Hmm, much depends on circumstance.  If he is "foreign", and especially if he
is a foreign dignitary or ambassador, I'd call him what he wanted to be
called.  It's a cheap courtesy.  I've announced Kings from other re-enactment
groups just that way.

If it's someone who is not playing the role of sovereign or sovereign's
representative, I'd ask to learn more about the award.  If there is some
versimilitude, I'd go with my gut, and use the title.

If I have reservations, usually, I tell them that *I* don't want to get into a
brouhaha over an unfamiliar title, and can they work with me to spare me
embarassment.  With one exception, that has worked.

The time the Tuchux women asked me to introduce "The Tuchux Women, and Their
Dogs", was a little much.  And, they wouldn't compromise.  So, I introduced
them as "Your Majesty, I've been asked to introduce the following dignitaries
by this title: 'The Tuchux Women, and Their Dogs'.  Pray, forgive me any
unintentional impertinence.  Will you receive them?"  He said yes.

Basically, you have to protect the game... and I wouldn't impose local rules
on someone, unless they were a local subject.  And, courtesy requires us to
accord a foreigner that dignities they claim to possess.  But, a subject of
your kingdom should begin to play by the local rules.
  Again, Dominus, what is a poor harried herald to do?

Why does this look like a prayer to God?  (:-)

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