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Re[2]: Discuss: Heraldry question

Eldred wrote:
Greetings from the harrying herald, Eldred!
Scripsit Blackbow:
%Correct me if I'm wrong (and I'm sure you will) but hasn't Bryce de Byram 
%been signing his correspondence (both email & paper) "THL Bryce
%de Byram" for a LONG time now?  And I don't ever remember anybody 
%even noticing, Byram being the hellion that he is.


[Byram, Eldred.  Eldred, Byram.  Eldred, Byram is an Anton squire and has 
recently served as the Royal Bard.  Tall guy.  Funny.  Not too loud.  Sings 
pretty well.  Ring any bells?  Hope so, because that's his lady's email 
     -Eldred goes on to say that-
an Atlantian who holds a Grant of Arms from Atlantia is not given the 
title "THL", however if the accolade is given by another Kingdom,
then the title is recognized.
     [I concur, and I think that that answers the previous question about 
     whether to announce so-and-so as the Most Right Honorable of the Order 
     of the Purple Kumquat.]
%IF you have been given the title and the only place that it makes a 
%difference to you is in the OP, that would be Good.
Mmmmmm....irrelevant.  I don't really see your point here.
     [a)        Main point - opposite of somebody for whom the title 
     matters enough to be picky enough to point it out to a herald.]
     [b)        Second point is that Byram isn't a fanatic about his "THL", 
     doesn't shove it in anybody's face, he just uses it.]
%If you REALLY want to have people know your place in the OP but don't want 
%use an anachronistic term, ("Honorable") why not use "Lord by Grant of 
%It isn't any longer/harder to say than "Honorable Lord" and probably isn't 
%too bad, logistically speaking.
THAT is an EXCELLENT suggestion.
     [Why, thank you!  I do percolate a decent one every now and again.]
%BTW:  A question on periodicity; is a Grant of Arms period or was it 
%manufactured for the SCA?  If not, then the whole brouhaha on "Honorable 
%Lord" is kind of academic...
A Grant of Arms by Letters Patent is period.  An Award of Arms is an 
SCA invention to the best of my knowledge.  The majority of the award 
structure is completely at odds with period ranks of nobility.
     [Then again, the whole SCA is at odds with period ranks of nobility, 
     since everybody is assumed [unless they specifically pick their 
     persona otherwise] to be of the rank of nobility that could get into 
     court.  The massive percentage of people COULDN'T and that's one of 
     the reasons why it was so popular back then, kind of like an exclusive 
     club.  I personally don't go much because I can rarely hear what's 
     going on (not the herald but the side stuff that makes court 
     entertaining is NEVER loud enough for me to hear) and I don't really 
     like to waste my time.  I've been trying to figure out ways to 
     politely suggest a PA system for a couple of years now.]

[Gosh, Byram - and you thought you were FAMOUS or something! ;)

Talk to them, Twiki.  Tell them you're not just a figment of my imagination!]

J. Blackbow

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