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Re: MR: Info: Query-Fabric Paints for Tents

MIriam asked about painting canvas tents:

I have found that just about any good quality acrylic paint will work well
when used with the following in mind:

If the color is too sheer - use several light coats allowing each coat to dry
thoroughly before applying the next.  

When correcting ooops's and errors, let the error dry throughly first, then
scrap off any excess paint GENTLY and cover the area with new paint.

Allow paint to dry thoroughly before folding  or rolling fabric. 

Stuff several layers of newspaper under the canvas and put a scrap piece of
fabric over the paint and heat set the paint with an iron.  This really helps
with preventing water damage.

Test ALL the paints you plan to use on your tent on a piece of scrap canvas.
 Paint it, heat set it, then wash it or hang it out in the rain for a day or
two and see if the paint stays where you put it.  Then paint and decorate
your portable home to your hearts content.  

I saw many lovely painted pavillions and banners at 3YC - one has a beautiful
scene of a swan in the water and it withstood the An Tir rain just fine.

Marsali Fox

Purpure, a gore argent, a fox chouchant regardant argent
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