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accurate Toys for Tots Clash directions

The autocrat for Toys for Tots asked me to post this. Note that the
directions in the Acorn are a bit incomplete; you'll still make it
there, but I'd advise copying this set down.

Gregory Blount


Come and join us in Forth Castle, there will be fighting, frolicking, 
rapier activities, Arts & Sciences,  Merchants, combat archery, 
children's activities !  The fighting will consist of various large 
group melee scenarios using Pennsic rules!  If fighting is not your 
area of interest there will be classes which we are sure will pique 
your interest.   The site opens Thursday, June 27th, at 4:00 PM.

This being an event to benefit Toys-for-Tots and the Make-a-Wish 
Foundations, a new toy valued between $5.00 and $10.00 is encouraged.  
The Kingdom donating the most toys will win a special prize.  A two toy 
donation per family is sufficient, however multiple donations will be 

The A&S competition categories will be for the best period toy, best 
war banner, and best period container.  Winners will receive a Queens 
Token during Royal Court.  There is ample space for all Gentles wishing 
to display other A&S projects.

Please note the site is discreetly wet, however we would like to remind 
you the event is on a Military base and the legal drinking age, 21 in 
Georgia, is strictly enforced.

Fees will be $10.00 Daytrip, $13.00 Primitive Camping, $15.00 Barracks. 
 Non-members please add $5.00 to these prices.  The donation of a toy 
entitles you to a $3.00 discount on these event fees.  Make checks 
payable to Shire of Forth Castle. SCA, Inc.  Prepaid reservation 
cut-off date is June 15.  We will NOT be accepting checks at troll.  
Cash only please.

Hampton Inn	(912) 876-4466
group discount rate:  $47.00 plus tax

Holiday Inn	(912) 368-2275
group discount rate:  $55.00 plus tax

Days Inn	(912) 368-4146
group discount rate:  $54.00 tax included

Location: Donovan Field, NGTC, Ft. Stewart, Georgia.
Directions: Take best route to I-95.  Take Exit 15, Richmond Hill/ Ft. 
Stewart, Georgia.  Go west on 144 approximately 17 miles.  Go past  
Alpha Firing Range.  Turn left at the SCA sign.  Go approximately 2.5 
miles, bear right at the fork.  The site will be the LARGE field on the 

Autocrat: Lady Dennet de Poitou, (912) 786- 6008	
email:  denise__mahaffey@mhsmail.gulfaero.com

Reservations: Shire of Forth Castle, c/o Lady Margret Agnes Clarke,
P.O. Box 3210,  Savannah, GA. , (912) 236-3160

Merchants Contact: Duncan Enan Mac Faelaen, (912) 748-1603

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