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Re: BANTER: 3YC...

> All in all, it's a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to going back 
> this afternoon (I think our encampment is doing spanish food tonight...) 
> I wish more Atlantians had been able to get out here, but I'm 
> looking forward to meeting those that were able to make it. 
> --Rodrigo 
>   who keeps glancing over at the sundial in the street just outside 
> the front of the Merry Rose, hoping for three o'clock... 

Good Rodrigo,

	Oh, it all sounds wonderful--even the problematic parts!

	Thanks for catching us up; it might be interesting, when the whole 
thing is over, if someone compiled statistics on who came from where, and in 
what numbers outlying kingdoms were represented.

	Gosh, I'm actually missing Pennsic now--after all my memories of the 
terrible heat ....  how many days left until?



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