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Re: Discuss: Recommendations was (Heraldry question)

ANYONE who feels that ANY SCAdian ANYWHERE deserves an award of ANY level, can
write a recommendation to the Crown, the Baronetcy where that person (or
people) is (are) and/or the Principal of the Order for the award being
recommended, or that person's seneschal...

The Crown and Baronetcy WANT to hear from you! Its the ONLY way many times,
that they are informed of a deserving individual.

Plus, if you can do it in ADVANCE of an event, should whoever is able to give
said award is going to give the award, they will have a chance to have a scroll

But they want YOU to WRITE regardless of your standing... regardless of your
award status... it but matters that SOMEONE out there cared enough to let those
who are able to give awards know that there is someone desrving an award.


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