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Re: Discuss: Recommendations was (Heraldry question)

Greetings all,

The following sent a small question running through my mind.

On Thu, 13 Jun 1996, Donald Wagner/Falcone wrote:
> <lots of stuff snipped>
> I grinned for two weeks and the corners of my mouth still get a workout now 
> and then;)  The best thing from this: I am now empowered to write letters to 
> the crown, recommending people in my aquaintance that have earned a bit of 
> recognition.  In fact, that's got to be the best part and I know TRMs 
> appreciate that kind of help.
> <more stuff snipped>

I had thought that anyone could write to the crown or orders recommending 
candidates worthy of recognition.  Was this impression incorrect?  

Nancy Dalton
aka Earnwynn van Zwaluwenburg
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