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Re: Discuss: Heraldry question (Long!)

Allah's Peace to You, Evan!!

Dave Montuori wrote:
> Actually I think it's an "Atenveldt Heresy" thing. (This refers to the
> pseudo-religious division of the SCA into Western Rite, Eastern Rite and
> Atenveldt Heresy; ALWAYS intended humorously when used by myself.) No one
> I know from the West Coast kingdoms uses it; the only kingdoms I know for
> certain that use it are Meridies and Trimaris, both Aten descendants.

You may be absolutely right about that.  It is, I believe, Atenveldt 
tradition.  I came to the eastern side of the knowne world from the Glorious 
Outlands(the kingdom whose publication I was listed in).  The honorific title 
is used there, a kingdom that won its crown in secession from Atenveldt.

> Eoghann mac Ailpein <grb@fns.com> said:
> >At Ymir this year then King Cuan grant 2 gentles arms.  One of them,
> >Falcone, was deeply honored.  The grant of arms is the only award or
> >grant that he has ever gotten.
> Way to go, Falcone. Were you Erica'd? (Regional slang; means being called
> into court to get an AoA, only to have the crown promote it to a Grant on
> the spot.)

I don't know, but my promissory scroll, which is beautiful and done by an 
Elvegaster, was written out with a GoA, and the helm and mantle over the 
arms; therefore, what I think you mean as "on the spot" didn't happen.  I do 
know that I was recommended for an AoA.  Cuan took account of my thirteen 
years and three kingdoms and wanted to honor me further, much to my surprise 
and humility.

I was concerned that others might feel slighted, but I should know better 
from this kingdom, by now.  People understood His Grace made up for 
circumstance and complacency in other realms, as he put it, and celebrated 
with me.  

I grinned for two weeks and the corners of my mouth still get a workout now 
and then;)  The best thing from this: I am now empowered to write letters to 
the crown, recommending people in my aquaintance that have earned a bit of 
recognition.  In fact, that's got to be the best part and I know TRMs 
appreciate that kind of help.


Donald Wagner                            Falcone al Rasool ibn Muhajir
Raleigh, NC                              Barony of Windmasters' Hill
Knowledge Engineer - AT&T                Kingdom of Atlantia
dswagner@attmail.com                     polearmed@worldnet.att.net

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