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BANTER: Shall we have another song?

You are going to wish you said "no"....

[Someone comes from the shadows and settles near the fire..]

Forgive me, but this song is a true story and had a catchy tune, so I thought 
I'd share..

Now sit right back and you'll hear a tale
A tale of a fateful "trip"
That happened late one Pennsic night
After I had a warming nip

Now I was careful walking true
My lord was brave and sure
He said "Do you need a flashlight dear,
To make this midnight tour?"
To make this midnight tour?"


In the dark the road was rough
And my left foot was tossed
if not for the urgency of my trek 
My mission would be lost
My mission would be lost

So I limped back to the tent of this
Encampment all asleep
With Briar Rose
Luther too
and his wife
The fighting star
The herald and
Minstrel Anne
Here at Clan Cromlech!

My lord took me to the hospital
He said I told you so
My ankle swelled to twice its size
And crutches I must tow.

So join me next Pennsic my friends
We're sure to get along
Watching me sprain my ankle again
Walking to the john!
Josceline (who has far to much time on my hands this morning...)

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