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BANTER Doeca's Ankles

On Fri, 14 Jun 1996, Gene Bonar wrote:

> OOH OOH I know China whilst Lady Deoca is offline we could start a song
> contest about how she stepped in the sump pit.  We could call it "Girl
> from the sump pit"  or "Henry's revenge" or something.
 Ummm, that would be "Henry's Karmic Payment Plan" for a subtitle.

 I for one would be thrilled to see some extravagantly disgusting song 
contest foisted upon my erstwhile tormentor. The Klingons were right 
about revenge you know.....

 But let's ditch this "Pseudo-DISC" nonsense. If the signal to noise 
ratio is low, it's BANTER. Especially as the crockery will presumably be 
flying elsewhere on Red Dragon Inn list.

Ld Henry Best		 "People don't quit playing 
because they 
grow old. Chancellor Emeritis	 They grow old because they quit playing." 
						-Oliver Wendell Holmes

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