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Pseudo-DISC - Tales from Pennsic -Reply

>>> Gene Bonar 06/14/96 12:05pm >>>
>OOH OOH I know China whilst Lady Deoca is offline we could start a song
>contest about how she stepped in the sump pit.  We could call it "Girl
>from the sump pit"  or "Henry's revenge" or something.
>Then we could enter the poem or song at an A&S thingy at Pennsic.  
>Eoghan mac Ailpein, Proto-Highlander Mid-800            
I like it ! Is there anyone else up for this? As Lady Deoca's friend *grin*, I ask that we
leave the boots (or the cost of them) out of your entry. Is there anyone else willing to enter?

Henry, this one is for you-
Brigid of Linnhe
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