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: re: Art at Walters

Good gentles all, Greetings from Daniel of Rutland

Yesterday I toodled over to Baltimore to do some research for one of my
paintings at the Walters Art Gallery.  Research went well, but even better
was an excellent exhibit on how the museum's conservation department works.
The exhibit was broken down into the department's divisions:  Books &
manuscripts, Paintings, and 3D Objects .  Anyone in the Society who does any
work in these categories should walk away from the exhibit much more
knowledgeable about his or her skill.  The exhibit runs till October.
Admission is free, at least on Saturdays, if you get there between 11 and 12.

Also, the small bookstore has a fine section on medieval life, and some
worthwhile art books, including the two volume catalogue of their large
Italian art collection. (buy it or come see it at my house.  Yes, I'm a
sucker for such things.)   Good stuff.  Go with lots of money, and expect to
walk away with less.

Daniel D. Weil

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