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Info needed on kilts

Kind Gentles of the Merry Rose:

This request came off the United Kingdom/Ireland geneology list.  I can
think of no better source for him than the scholars of the SCA.  If you
reply to him, it would no doubt be a kindness to give a brief explanation of
who we are, so that the poor mundane is not totally confused!

Alanna Volchevo Lesa

>From: Paul McCullough <czaa530@ACCESS.TEXAS.GOV>
>Subject:      Info needed on kilts
>To: Multiple recipients of list GENUKI-L <GENUKI-L@MAIL.EWORLD.COM>
>I have a nephew that spent a month in Ireland last year as an exchange
>student. He is planning on being married next year and is going to wear a
>kilt. He said that the Irish used to wear kilts but stopped. Any truth to
>this idea?
Bob, Lucinda and Tabby Welenc
(410) 969-8303

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