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Re: Crown Tourney Eligibility

Richard correctly asserts:

> Atlantian tradition actually is that the Crowns can throw out anyone they
> want.  This assumes that they can come up with some reasonable sounding
> justification.  

Quoting from Atlantian Law:
All fighting and non-fighting entrants in the Crown Tournament must be
presented to and acceptable to the Crown. 
The Crown may only deny participation in Crown Tourney for just and
stated causes. If either participant is found unacceptable, the 
participant may require that the Crown publicly state, before the
tourney commences, the reason that the participant was found
unacceptable. Failure of the Crown to comply with this type of
request will result in the declaration of the Crown List as 
null and void, and will necessitate a new Crown List be held
as soon as possible.

End quote.

So, basically, as long as the Crown has a reason that they are not
afraid to state publicly, they can deny participation to anyone they
don't want to become Prince/Princess.


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