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Re: Questions: Herbalism & Costume Patterns

Allah's Peace to the denizens of the Merry Rose!!

JEBRAME@unca.edu wrote:
> Greeting, gentles all!
> As a neophyte SCAdian, each day I find more than interests me.  I am slowly
> discovering certain things I would like to delve deeper into.  My resources,
> drastically limited, do not permit much.  :p   But I wondered how hard/easy
> it might be to start a herb garden.  Some information--> I live in an apartment
> about 500 (? that might be drastically wrong ?) square feet.  There is a
> great deal of natural sunlight pouring in through my windows when I leave
> them open and they have lovely broad windowsills.  I've been reading about
> herbalism and it fascinates me.  Are there any herbalists on this lists who
> would be willing to correspond to help me get started?  Any hints?

There is a meeting in Elvegast every month of a herbalist guild.  You might have a hard 
time making the meeting from Asheville, but you might want to try.

I am in Canada and getting to the info would be difficult.  Calli? Xavier? Can you 
direct this gentle to Douglas' contact info?


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