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Re[2]: New list Serve Approach

     Dear Kendrick:
     I humbly must tell you I absolutely hate this new approach.  It makes 
     replying to the person directly and privately more difficult.  It 
     makes editting based on who the writer of the message is more 
     difficult.  It makes kill files more difficult to set up.  Please can 
     we have it back the old way as soon as possible?

[Personally, I think that everyone should just put their email address in their 
message somewhere.  That would take care of the direct-email problem.

Talia:  explain about making editing based on the writer of the message?

However, if the list DOES go back to the way it was, everybody should be careful
not to send what is, in effect, a double post to the originator of the message 
by not deleting their email address from the reply.]

Ld. J. Blackbow

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