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Re: I need your help

  You know, I have tried and tried; but I cannot imagine any job that would 
  be placed in jeopardy by its owner having an entry in the Atlantian 
  It's a sad day for me when my imagination fails me. Can anyone help me 
  out here and come up with a hypothetical job for which an Atlantian 
  directory entry would pose a genuine danger?

Well, my wife had listed on her resume that she was interested in historical
cooking, when she applied for internships.  They chose to interview her, and
were quite interested.  Shortly after her interviews (and acceptance) someone
said to her boss "Historical Cookery?  She's probably with the SCA: they are
all kooks."  Because she had made such a good impression, they shared the
story with her.  If that commentary had been made earlier in the process, she
probably would not have been interviewed.

My wife works in the mental health industry, sometimes on complex cases.  It
is a case of Caesar's Wife.  With the shortage of positions for people with
her background and training, she cannot afford to be tainted.

Does that help answer your question?

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