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Re: I need your help

On Tue, 18 Jun 1996, Mark Schuldenfrei wrote:

> Well, my wife had listed on her resume that she was interested in historical
> cooking, when she applied for internships.  They chose to interview her, and
> were quite interested.  Shortly after her interviews (and acceptance) someone
> said to her boss "Historical Cookery?  She's probably with the SCA: they are
> all kooks."  Because she had made such a good impression, they shared the
> story with her.  If that commentary had been made earlier in the process, she
> probably would not have been interviewed.
> My wife works in the mental health industry, sometimes on complex cases.  It
> is a case of Caesar's Wife.  With the shortage of positions for people with
> her background and training, she cannot afford to be tainted.
> Does that help answer your question?
> 	Tibor
Yes it does. Thanks.

It's odd how much Your Mileage May Vary.

I was able to get my present job specifically BECAUSE of my SCA 
experience. I sold my "Chancellor of the University of Atlantia" 
experience as "Education Director, SCA Inc, Mid-Atlantic Region". SCA 
activities as chancellor, seneschal, and autocrat were featured 
prominently in the interview along with computer support stuff.

"Caesar's Wife"? I don't understand the reference. Please educate me.

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