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Re: New list Serve Approach

unto the merry rose, from melys - greetings!

i have to chime in on the side of the folks who find the new format MUCH
easier to cope with, simply because it adds the active option of choosing
whether to direct a reply to the individual or to the list.  i think greg
is right, tho - no matter how the list is configured, SOMEONE is going
to be inconvenienced.  mailers operate so differently (some automatically
respond to the from, others to the reply-to, others to both, others give a
choice) that the only thing we can really do is try to find out which
configuration is the most convenient for the largest number of people.

more people have replied in praise of the new config than in protest. 
from what i know of mailers and their configurations (and i've had
considerable experience, having been tech support for an isp) this setup
will accomodate most of the mailers in common use.  talia, would you like
to tell me what kind of mailer you're using and how your config is set up? 
you can email me at lisa@trinet.com if you're interested; it may be that
we can tweak your mailer to understand the new config a little better -
bring the mountain to mahomet, so to speak. 

						in service,


lisa@technomancer.com		lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch'intrate!

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