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Re: New list Serve Approach

> i have to chime in on the side of the folks who find the new format MUCH
> easier to cope with, simply because it adds the active option of choosing
> whether to direct a reply to the individual or to the list.

With my mailer (elm), the old format gave the active option of
choosing, and the new one makes it more difficult. I bet you can't
make a single generalization about the new or old format and ease of
use which would be true for all users.

-- g

[ p.s. in all fairness, I should point out that I've been dealing with
this issue for 10+ years, and prefer the old method because I make too
many embarrassing mistakes when the default is to the list, and hear
the screams of other people when they likewise make this mistake. As a
result, all the lists that I administer (3 at this point) default
replies to the individual. However, I am aware of both sides of the
argument... ]
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