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Re: I need your help

> Greetings to the folks in the Merry Rose from Robyyan.
> Henry says:
> > You know, I have tried and tried; but I cannot imagine any job that would 
> > be placed in jeopardy by its owner having an entry in the Atlantian 
> > directory. 
> It doesn't matter.  Speculate for your own (and others) entertainment all
> you like.  But the fact remains that an individual has requested their
> personal information be kept private.  Good manners, if nothing else,
> require that we all comply.  No reason required.
> --

Oh! I agree completely! Someone has asked to be taken off our list and 
all of its proliferations into webdom. Step _ONE_ is to respect that and 
remove her entries immediately. Step _TWO_ is to wonder about the stated 
reason, which is where I got stumped. I honestly could not think of an 
example in which her stated reason would be valid.

My thanks to those who were able to educate me on this matter. And my 
sympathies to you for having to live in a universe more paranoid than my 
own. Your answers make perfect sense to me, though I am saddened by them.

I much preferred the whimsical notion of a Tuchux attorney avoiding 
the  appearance of conflict of interest.

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